Danny Baker Rant

I culled this heartfelt rant from Danny Baker’s biography.  I think he’s right:

Like most of the over-staffed, management choked flat pack media, radio does not want to hear from mavericks who can just “do it”.  Self-contained talent is the enemy of those who require their jobs to be bolstered by an Everest of fatuous titles and who think creativity is a formula.  Worse, they believe the more people in business suits who work on the formula in a series of deathless meeting rooms, the better the end product will be.  Or perhaps they don’t, not really.  In my experience, most of the phalanx of managers and their ilk who clog up the simple show-business world of “being any good” are well aware their skills are completely worthless.  It is an unspoken truth among their nervous ranks, and it forces them to ever more blustering levels of desk-bound subservients whose only function is to mask the overpowering smell of horseshit.
Anyone who seems somehow to be able to make programmes without their utterly unqualified interference is judged to be “trouble” and gets suffocated under a welter of wordy PR and another round of empty, self-serving meetings.
It is not how fresh and original you are any more, it is how compliant, how malleable, how much you will toe the timid company line.  To really seal your place on the vacuuous inverted media pyramid these days, it is absolutely essential that you never draw attention to how many people in the room are 24-carat fucking imposters.

Danny Baker, ladies and gentlemen.

So it’s not just me, then.